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The modern plant of BRAGANTINI Srl in San Martino Buon Albergo (Verona) is located in a rich in tradition area as well as top quality production. The 10,000 sq m plant is equipped with APPLE, CHERRIES and some PEARS SIZING, STORAGE and CONSERVATION state-of-the-art machineries.

BRAGANTINI is a family led fruit and vegetable firm. Passion and past experiences are the basis of the firm’s policy. These concepts have been carried out for 4 generations and have thus lead to great success. Giuseppe and Angelo Bragantini and Stefano Pezzo are now leading the firm.

Member of

Fruit Imprese Veneto

A century long tradition

Angelo Bragantini and his son Marco, established the firm in the early 20s of the past Century. At that time local products, such as cherries, peaches, apples, chicory and cauliflower were traded.
In 1932 the firm entered the Exporters National Register. The offer of FRESH and HIGH QUALITY products has always been important: hand made and on-the-spot packaging (in the growing areas) and immediate shipping of the goods by train guarantee freshness and fast delivery.

An efficient and dynamic chain


Bragantini Srl has a direct and personal relationship with individual growers. The latter are given rules of cultivation and production which are adopted by Brangantini itself. The firm has 50 hectares of owned land, located in the South of Verona.


APPLES and CHERRIES are purchased where location, climate and nature of the soil are at their best.
Quality control and product traceability are possible thanks to the direct relationship with individual growers.



The right size for every use: product selection and packaging are carried out by skilled and trained labour in the company headquarter only.
Various sizes and kinds of packaging are realized to meet our customers’ needs.


We daily sell fresh and quality apples and cherries, also through our OWN BRANDS in particular: BRAGANTINI and CHERRY PASSION for cherries and BRAGANTINI, ORTI DI GIULIETTA and ROMEO & JULIET for apples typically from Verona.

Our Brands