CHERRIES: The Working Process

The selection and the packing are undertaken with particular care and according to the client’s specifications. This work is carried out exclusively at the company’s headquarters where experience, care and a real love for the goodness, freshness and genuine quality of our product is the key to its success.

CHERRIES:  The Work Cycle

  • Product collected from the fields on the same day as picking
  • Hydro cooling in cold water
  • Calibration
  • Hand-selection
  • Packaging by hand or by machine
  • Weight check-control
  • Shipping no later than the day after picking from trees


  • Loose in polypropylene of 2,5 Kg – 4,5 Kg – 5 Kg NET
  • Baskets 250gr – 300gr – 350gr – 400gr 450 gr – 500gr


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